Shaffer-Mortorsports on BITD podium after Henderson 250

OAKLAND, CA    DECEMBER 5, 2011  Shaffer-Motorsports team raced car #1066 at the TransWest Ford Henderson 250 this week end, thereby securing third place in “Best In The Desert” for the season!

This was a very important race to many competitors battling for those final points to take home a Class Championship for the “Best In The Desert” (BITD) 2011 season. The racing was incredible due to the number of vehicles so close in the points race for the championships and because this was a double points race. A total of 14 car and truck class championships will be decided at the end of the day when the dust settles.

Class 1700 – Helton 266, Thorvick 266 – A Tie!!!
Class 1400 – Strobel 333, Baldwin 332, Swift 327
Class 1100 – Folks 282, Parkhouse 278, Banning 278, Ryan 272
Class 7200 – Hogan 331, Caspino 320, Kovach 307
Class 1000 – LaPaglia 365, Elam 314, Shaffer 294

We had no choice but to push, we needed to have our competitors make costly mistakes. It was a small risk as our points cushion to fourth was large. Things when well, after the first lap we sat solidly in third place, and continued to put on the pressure. Successfully completing our second lap and going into the third and final lap we still sat in third, our hopes were up. But then it happened on the final stretch we broke an A-arm, just 30 miles from the finish. It was a hard blow after running in 3rd place all day.

The good news was that we finish third for the season in Best In The Desert! and for or our first season in class 10!

Our depest and most sincere thanks go out to those who this fantastic adventure possible!

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