Shaffer-Motorsports at mint 400

Our Mint 400 experience started in Barstow, the thursday before the Race. Fox Racing Shox was to meet us for some tuning, but a medical emergency changed that. The Team proceeded to tune using the experience gained from successfully seting up and racing Jeepspeeds.

Our increased speed during tuning in Barstow gave us hope we had it figured out. Mike felt we needed a few more runs, but our testing was cut a bit short due to an alternator issue. Never the less we all felt good about the day’s tuning results.

On race day, Mike quickly discovered that the rock garden was way worse than we had been led to believe (or wanted to believe). 1066 kept kicking up it’s rear in holes that seem to litarealy swollow it … the shocks would need to be adjusted. To make things worse 1001 hit us so hard that both rear wheel left the ground and they bent three of the four tubes that make up the rear cage. A quick check at pit A showed things where still ok.

As Mike reached the higher speed section, another problem became apparent, we had power issue in the lower engine rpms and had to keep 1006 reving high, but with large gear ratio steps of a 4 speed, Mike often ended up below the necessary rpms to really get-it.

After two more pit stops for shock adjustments Mike was again in the rock garden but this time with almost double the speed. Our set-up had been to soft for the huge holes, so allthough the ride was now harsher it was predictable and fast.

That is when a new problem poked up, the transaxle was making excesive noise in the lower gears. It soon became evident that if we would continue it would not survive. We took the tough decision to save the the transaxle from disintegrating and called it a day.

We where hopefull we could quickly get 1066 into competitive shape, but we now know we have more learning to do. It’ll be a busy month getting everything check out and fixed for the Silver State.

Thank you to everyone that helped us get here. Sponsors, families, as well as the chase teams.

BFGoodrich Tires
Fox Racin Shox
PSC Steering
PRP steats
Ruff Stuff

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