Shaffer-Motorsports finishes 8th at Parker

For their first appearance in class 10 racing the Torchmate 1066 car along the banks of the Colorado River, for three rounds of a 142-mile loop featuring rocky washes, sandy whoops, high speed graded roads and the dreaded silt beds, the Shaffer-Motorsports team finished 8th in their class!

Pit crew at work on Torchmate 1066

After picking up 1066 on Wednesday, the pit crew had to work hard at preparing the car.  The previous owner had decided to keep his tuned computer and since we need a stock unit for Baja anyway, we did not see an issue with this … except the new unit did not work. Mike jokingly told me over the phone “next time let’s buy a running car!”  So in addition to checking nuts and bolts, they found themselves reinstalling and rewiring the computer. Friday it finally fired up, purred and revved :)

As they started racing, it became quickly clear to Shawn and Mike that the car needed a lot work still. The ride was so rough it begged the question of how could they have won races with a car that handles like this!?  Mike however found something positive say about it all “the good things is, if they drove it like this, we know their is a lot of room for improvement”, indeed 1066 may become hellish fast ;)

Torchmate 1066 flying her new "colors"

Keep an eye out for the new pictures and videos of the Torchmate 1066 at Parker, as well as our driver’s reports, as we add them to Shaffers-Motorsports!

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