Pedal To The Metal For The Transfer Case Express Car At Baja 500

Shaffers The goal of Mike Shaffer and the Transfer Case Express team has always been points championships. At the 46th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 that strategy will change.  The team drew first starting position off the line so it was decided to capitalize on their good fortune and go all out for the win. “This will be our first race since 2006 that we will not be racing for points,” says Mike, “If we fail to finish because we went too hard then so be it; we are going for the win. Instead of running at 60% to guarantee a finish, we will be running at 90% to stay ahead of the pack.”

Shaffers 3Mike will have a new co-driver for the race, Matt Elmore who works in the shop at Shaffer’s Offroad. It will be a trial by fire for Matt who is no stranger to the dirt but new to the co-driver’s seat. He and Mike will take the start and run to mile 260 where John Bowers and John Cantrell will jump in and take the car to the finish.

shaffers 2With solid support from Transfer Case Express, Ruffstuff Specialties, PSC Motorsports, Powertank, BozTec, Cytech Communications, Instone Inc. and Shaffer’s Offroad the team has carefully prepped the car for the challenge that lies ahead. The power and reliability of their Honda engine was thoroughly confirmed at the Baja 1000 last season. It is clearly up to the task thanks to tuning by Hondata and performance enhancements from K-Tuned Products.

The team is already down south doing their homework prerunning the course. Running all day at such a demanding pace will require in-depth knowledge of the many pitfalls that lay in wait and the fastest lines to take. With a strategy to just go for the win, the entire Transfer Case Express team is anxious to open it up at the Tecate SCORE Baja 500!   Photography By Bink Designs, HighRev Photography


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