Pedal To The Metal For The Transfer Case Express Car At Baja 500

Shaffers The goal of Mike Shaffer and the Transfer Case Express team has always been points championships. At the 46th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 that strategy will change.  The team drew first starting position off the line so it was decided to capitalize on their good fortune and go all out for the win. “This will be our first race since 2006 that we will not be racing for points,” says Mike, “If we fail to finish because we went too hard then so be it; we are going for the win. Instead of running at 60% to guarantee a finish, we will be running at 90% to stay ahead of the pack.” Continue reading

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Incredible Struggle Leads to Inspirational Finish for Shaffer Motorsports at Baja 1000

November 22, 2013 by

Ensenada, Baja California

Shaffer Motorsports knew they would be in for a challenge at the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The 883 mile long loop that started and finished in Ensenada, Baja Mexico had some of everything to challenge drivers. It ran through the whooped out sands of San Felipe, the rocky mountain passes that traverse the central mountains and miles of deep Baja silt before heading back to the finish. They came prepared for what the terrain can dish out and the fatigue to drivers and car from hours of running flat out in demanding conditions; they’ve done it many times before in the Transfer Case Express Class 10 car.

What they didn’t foresee was the misstep they experienced when they pitted early Continue reading

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Shaffer Motorsports Heads To The Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 With New Honda Power

Alameda, CA

Shaffer Motorsports has been busy since the Baja 500 in June. They’ve used the time to yank out the Ecotech engine in the Transfer Case Express car and replace it with a Honda power plant. Shaffer’s Offroad, Mike Shaffer’s day job, specializes in offroad parts sales, installation and fabrication including complete ground-up builds. For them, the engine swap was business as usual. Shaffers Off Road, Honda Racing, Class 10, Bink Designs, SCORE Baja 1000
They made changes to the chassis and completed the wiring harness that utilizes the factory ECU. They performed the necessary dyno tuning and put some miles on the new combination at a local short course track without any issues. All that’s left now is to finalize the logistics, do some pre-running and then complete the race. Continue reading

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Baja 500 Leaves Shaffer Motorsports Wanting More

Ensenada, Baja California

The 45th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 was a brutally tough race. The course travelled through sandy washes, rocky mountain trails, tight switchbacks and deep silt. The only spot where drivers could let out a breath were the sections run on the beach. Depending on the hour of the day, or night, some had thick fog along the beach that made those sections nail biters too. The Shaffer Motorsports team got their fair share of racing but it was their results that left them wanting more.

“We had a good race in the Transfer Case Express car,” said Mike Shaffer, “We are just a little discouraged that our results don’t show it. Our goal was to get a solid finish and not lose points to our rivals in the World Championship of Desert Racing standings. Both of which we accomplished. We only had a single flat and stopped for an hour fixing our steering but otherwise it was a problem free run.”

Shaffer Motorsports, Transfer Case Express

Mike was driving the car around mile 70 when he came upon two stuck ten cars and a Continue reading

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Shaffer-Motorsports’ Transfer Case Express car moves in 2nd in world championship.

ALAMEDA, CA April 19, 2012 Shaffer-Motorsports team take the Transfer Case Express car #1066 to a fifth place finish, moving them in second in class for the World Championships.

photo credit: John "WoodyBoinker"

photo credit: John “WoodyBoinker”

“We had fun even though it was rough and we had to change a flat,” said John Cantrell, “The wheel to wheel action that was also nose to tail made for a very exciting race to Continue reading

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Shaffer Motorsports Put To The Test During SCORE San Felipe 250 Race

The Shaffer Motorsports team was eager to get back to Baja and to test themselves in the Mastercraft Safety SCORE San Felipe 250. The San Felipe race is the shortest of the SCORE races in Mexico but it packs just as much punishment as the Baja 500 or the legendary Baja 1000. A new course layout this year included additional technical sections but there was no relief from the miles of whoops that relentlessly pound competitors for most of the 250 plus miles.Shaffer Off Road, Class 10 Race Car, San Felipe 250, Bink Designs

Continue reading

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Shaffer Motorsports Eager to Battle Class 10 Competition at SCORE San Felipe 250

Alameda, CA – After wrapping up the SCORE Desert Series class 4 title last season Mike Shaffer and the Shaffer Motorsports team want more. They figured class 4 would draw more competitors last season when they decided to go for the title but the class did not take off as they hoped. For this season, they are racing a class 10


field that is loaded with talent.

“It’s never easy winning a championship,” says Mike Shaffer, “You have to get results on Continue reading

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Shaffer-Motorsports races Transfer Case express 1066 car at HDRA season opener.

For HDRA’s season opener, a 4 loop 60 mile course in Jean Nevada, Shaffer-Morotsports drove Transfer Case Express limited buggy. With the rule changes at HDRA and SCORE, the team will be racing in class 10, and renewing with their “old” number 1066.

1066 @ HDRA 2013 season opener (picture: Micheal Anthony Hernogero)

1066 @ HDRA 2013 season opener
(picture: Micheal Anthony Hernogero)

“When we were deciding on our season we agreed that we loved racing in Baja, but with only 3 SCORE races in the series we though we could not justify the cost to our sponsors” said Mike Shaffer. The decision only became more complicated as the World championship saw the light of day. The plan had been to race HDRA plus the Baja1000,  but with only a Continue reading

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Meet Shaffer-Motorsports 2013 Sponsors

We’re very excited to be welcoming back Transfer Case Express (TCE), as our Primary sponsor since 2011. TCE is an invaluable partner without them our victory in San Felipe and 2012 Score championship would not have happened…THANKS!

We’re also very excited to be welcoming back our long term sponsors, Ruffstuff Specialties, PSC performance Steering, Advanced Air Systems aka POWERTANK and Shaffer’s Offroad.

We look forward to having their invaluable help back within our team and to share in our success.

We wish you all a winning 2013 !

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Shaffer-motorsports SCORE 2012 Class4 Champions!

 Alameda California,
On December 7th 2012, SCORE international published the Class Champions And Final Standings for the 2012 season.

Shaffer-motorsports is officially Class 4 champion!
This is Mike’s fourth season class Crown, congratulations!

Special thanks to our sponsors  

Persistence was the key said Mike, we did not let the setbacks experienced thought the seasons stop us. Continue reading

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